This project seems to be a typical everyday eshop development. But it is not!

We changed the theme to the point that it broke in order to meet the effects and functionalities needed.
After we solve those issues, new ones arrised due to the physical products of the shop.

The owners wanted to show all the colors variations in a category and also be able to choose the order shown in the category.

So we made a module to split a product with variations to multiple products, so this way we saved them time by creating 1 product fast and with our module split them into 5 or 6 or 7 products in seconds.

However, this was not enough we had to show to its product page its variations so that the client can change color if he/she likes.

So we made a new module to link those products and show the variations to the product page. (also modified the first module that splits the product variations to link them also)

Rest are typical development.

And vuala, was created 🙂

  • Responsive:Yes
  • Platform:PrestaShop
  • Custom Design:No
  • Hosting:Yes (Dedicated)
  • Technical Support:No