MyACS Greek Voucher Print and Cost calculation Module
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Last Update:21/07/2022
Module Latest Version:V 2.0.7
Compatibility:V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.3

MyACS is a shipping module for Greek Courier company ACS. Now with it you can print and track all your packages. Furthermore you can add cost calculation.

What this module does for you

Improve your everyday workload
Print all your ACS vouchers from your Back Office
Track and Trace all your packages
Cost calculation for each address*

-In cost calculation there are numerous options:

Apply same cost to all deliveries
Apply costs according to the total weight of the order. e.g if total weight is less than 3 killos Delivery cost is 2€ if it is more than 3 kilos add extra cost per kilo lets say 3€ per kilo so 2€+(kg*3€)
**Enable the module to communicate with ACS System to search if the address of the customer is hard to deliver. If it is you can apply extra charges.
Finally you can add more charges to all deliveries

** This option is not 100% accurate and that is why ACS is returning the result and time to time they can not find the address. However the module charges with the normal costs. The module translates greeklish to greek so it can have better results on the matter(spellchecking is not affecting the result).

What your customers will like

When your change the order status that the order is shipped by default client recieves an email. In that email the delivery voucher code is going to be shown so that the client can track the package from the ACS website
Client can also track the package from your website, when you install the module a new hook is added in top Display and when the client is login he/she can see a list of the orders and click to track them.


The module installation is a typical PrestaShop Addon module.
You upload the zip file by clicking add a new module in Modules and Services page.
Configuration is needed in order for the module to work.
First, you need the ACS credentials given by the company.(if you don’t have credentials,you can communicate with your local acs store)
If you want cost calculation click on the ‘Create ACS Carrier’ button.
Choose the way that your vouchers are going to be printed. (Typical print is A4)
Confirm cost calculation by clicking “yes”. If it’s “no”do not forget to disable ACS carrier that is auto created when you clicked the ‘Create ACS Carrier’.
Complete the fields that are used to calculate your charges.
Do not forget to add your ACS credentials.
And finally click SAVE.


This module requires CURL php module to be enabled.