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From the simplest project like a blog to the most difficult one we are builting it like it is our own.

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Our Services

Web Development

Web development is our passion. We built web applications, e-shops, blogs, business profiles and many more. We try to be always up to date and use the latest technologies. According to your project, budget and time we choose the best technologies that suit you and offer the highest quality.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications in our days is the next level of IT. Almost all companies need a Mobile Application. We are able to built in all platforms like iOS, Android, Windows even Ubuntu.

Cloud hosting

We use different VPS in different hosting providers like DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS etc. If you are looking for cheap cloud hosting that doesn't need many IT knowledge, we are here for you. We offer cheap hosting services in our servers.


Branding is the beginning of marketing. We design and develop your image in the market. Having a high quality product is not enough, you need the right wrapping to promote it. Our experienced partners can offer you the push you need to get in the market with style.


Having a website or a mobile application is one thing, but as you may know everything needs advertising. SEO is a marketing campaign. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a few words we optimize your website in order to attract people that are using search engines like google or bing.

Social Networking

Social networks in our days are very popular. Nearly everyone that is using a smartphone or a computer is registered to a social network. Using facebook, twitter, instagram and many others to bring customers or visitors to your application/website is recommended. But in order to have the best outcome you need a strategy, proper built and interaction. Our partners have the whole package.

and more...
We offer technical services for your web applications and servers. We upgrade existing applications and we maintenance them by improving security performance and usability.
What ever your business need we may find solutions to the gabs of your company. Is it for a new piece of hardware? How to built a local network or even built a technical team for your business.
We run our own marketing campaigns for personal projects. However if you need advertisement services we can point you to the right direction. is our first recommendation.

Technologies we use support

We use various technologies in order to choose the best one that meet your needs.