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Last Update:22/02/2020
Module Latest Version:V 1.9.2
Compatibility:V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.6

MySpeedeX is Shipping and Logistics module created to print Sheets and offering Track and Trace package functionality for retailer and customer for Shipping Company SpeedEX in Greece.

What this module does for you

Print your delivery sheets and deliveries report fast and easy. It will help you be organised and offer you the functionality to track and trace the package from your prestashop back office. Customers are also able to Track and Trace their order via your shop. Finally and most important your customers are going to get the voucher number to there email!

What your customers will like

Print your vouchers from your admin
Print delivery report for you and the Shipping Company
Track and Trace package for you and customer
Send automated emails to your customers with the voucher number so they can trackit


Before buying this module make sure to contact with SpeedEX first declaring that you wish to start using their services
You need a printer
This module uses SOAP PHP extension, make sure that your server has this extension enabled for you.