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Last Update:28/10/2022
Module Latest Version:v1.0.15

What this module does for you

Improve your daily workflow. Print all ACS Copurier coupons from your WooCommerce Back Office, automatically and quickly.

The add-on communicates with ACS’s Web Service, sends all the necessary information for your order to receive a tracking number and stores it in your WooCommerce while also sending an email to your customer informing them of the tracking number.

Our plugin is designed in our own table and does not use the default wordpress table, this makes it more functional in terms of performance and usability as well as in terms of search, now with our table you may never go to the order table again of your woocommerce.

Soon CRON task for automatic track and status change when the mission is completed. As well as a notification on delayed shipments.

  • Improve your daily routine workflow
  • Print all ACS coupons from wordpress admin
  • Additional search functions in your orders through our table

What your customers will like

When your order receives a tracking number, the customer receives an email. This email will contain the delivery voucher code so the customer can track the package from the ACS website


Installation is standard like any other WordPress plugin.
First, you need the Web Service credentials provided by the company! (if you don’t have one, you can contact your local ACS store)
All other settings are explained in the user manual.