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Last Update:07/07/2021
Module Latest Version:V1.7.9
Compatibility:V1.5.0.0 - V1.7.8.6

PireosPay is a payment module for Greek Bank Piraeus. It uses the redirect method to accept credit card payments by collaborating with the bank’s system. The module also offers the functionality to accept Instalments.

What this module does for you

This PrestaShop module is useful for Greek E-Commerce websites. It will enable you to accept payments from various credit card types like Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro with aid directly from Piraeus Bank. Furthermore, after communication with the bank, the module provides the functionality to offer payment in installments.

What your customers will like

Secure payment for the customer using an known bank system.
Installment option selection



Installation is easy as all the other PrestaShop modules.
For the configuration of the module, a readme file in English is available as well as notes in the configuration page.
Exra page under price rules -> PireosPay settings offer extra functinalities and offer information that the bank requires from you.

Although that module is easy to install, you have to follow the evaluation and validation process of the bank.
So you will need to read the documents that bank is suppling and run the tests listed inside.

The technical department of the bank will be at your service for further instructions, of course we will be at your service too.


This module requires SOAP php module to be enabled.