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Technical Support Covers and durations

Our technical Support includes

  1. After Sales Service (ASS)
  2. Update Services

Technical support is included in the pruchase of a product and is provided for a period of three (3) months from the date of purchase of the addon by the customer. 

When the support is expired/terminated, customer can renew it at any point and each renewal is for (3) months.

If the customer renews a support that is not expired/terminated the duration of the (3) months will be added after the date of expiration/termination of the active support. 

Each renewal costs the 30% of the price(with out discounts) of the product purchased. 

1. After Sales Service (ASS) 

We are commited to answer questions and complaints of the customers as soon as possbile at office working hours. 

If necessary we undertake to make all the corrections to resolve the anomalies within thirty (30) working days

We undertake to make all necessary corrections to an anomaly directly and exclusively related to the Addon concerned, at its own expense within the aforementioned time limits, or failing that to refund the Customer the price of the Addon concerned.

We provide After-Sales Service only if the Customer's Store version corresponds to the compatible versions advertised on the Addon's product sheet at the time of purchase, and if this Store does not contain any additional developments that are contrary to and incompatible with the installed Addon. Similarly, After-Sales Service may be refused to the Client in the event of specific developments, modifications to the source code or source files of the Addon carried out at the Client's initiative.

This service includes assistance with the installation advice, configuration and use of the Addon. It does not include any intervention on the Customer's store.

In case of failure of the Addon, we may propose and/or communicate a minor and/or major update of the Addon, subject to its availability at the time of the Customer's request for After Sales Service.

2. Update Services

As part of the support, we offer Customers Update Services for its Addons.

In accordance with the above, the Technical Support service is not characterized by specific developments, customized on request and tailored to the Customer or its Shop and does not constitute an extension of the Addon's repayment period. The purpose of the Addon Update is to make it compatible with future versions of the Solution.

All latest updates are available for each addon from the download manager page as long as the client has an active technical support.