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All Modules are downloadable products. Once the buyer has downloaded or used the module, they are not eligible for a refund unless there are defects found within the software that could not be corrected by After Sales Service.

After a purchase client may ask for a refund if the addon is technically defective (provided that the Customer has previously contacted us for After Sales Service)

If necessary we undertake to make all the corrections to resolve the anomalies within thirty (30) working days

We undertake to make all necessary corrections to an anomaly directly and exclusively related to the Addon concerned, at its own expense within the aforementioned time limits, or failing that to refund the Customer the price of the Addon concerned.

We guarantee that our modules will work as described and advertised on a clean installation of the platform in a version specified in the module features and with the platform default theme. If the product you purchased does not work as advertised, you must contact us within the time frame chosen when buying the module and provide your order reference number and detailed information about the problem. We will investigate and fix the problem.

The refund may be only made via bank transfer or vivawallet account. 


All our modules are designed to work with standard Platform compatible themes.

You can use any custom or commercial theme as long as the theme is compatible with the version of your Platform and the theme design follows Platform theme standard requirements.

We can not however guarantee 100% that all themes being marketed are fully compatible with our modules since there are many vendors who provide varying levels of quality. Some themes override Platform common classes and may even modify Platform core files. This could cause a conflict in common classes override.

In case you find any compatibility issues between your theme and our modules, please contact us with your order reference number and detailed information of the problem. We will investigate the situation. If it turns out that the issue is related to our module, we will try to help resolve the issue.  If the problem is caused entirely by a theme not following Platform standards, we will not provide any refund.